Spreigl evidence

CASE LAW UPDATE:  Whether in defendant’s burglary trial the trial properly admitted Spreigl evidence?    

Defendant was convicted of 2nd degree burglary.  Police had stopped defendant who was driving a unique car which matched the description of one seen leaving two of a string of burglaries.  The police searched the vehicle and found evidence implicating him in another burglary.   During trial, the State sought to introduce as Spreigl evidence testimony describing, and surveillance video depicting, a different burglary during which the burglar wore distinctive clothing that matched clothing defendant was wearing when arrested.  The trial court allowed the Spreigl evidence.  Defendant appealed.  The Minnesota Court of Appeals noted that the Spreigl evidence clearly and convincingly showed both identity and a common scheme.  Affirmed.

State v. Nixon, A20-0413, Ramsey County.

Minneapolis Criminal Defense Lawyer Lynne Torgerson was not attorney of record in this case.

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