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Pre-Charge Criminal Defense Representation

Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney Lynne Torgerson can represent you on a Pre-Charge Representation basis.

What is Pre-Charge Representation?

The most common circumstance is where there has been something that may cause you some concern, and then, you receive a telephone call from a police officer, or Detective, or Investigator.  The police officer will usually tell you that he/she wants to Get Your Side of the Story, and wants to get a statement from you either over the telephone, or, at the police station.  He/she will also want to get a statement from you, that day or the next, in order to get your statement before you have a chance to speak with a lawyer.  Danger!  Danger!  Danger!  Do not say a word.  Do not answer any questions.  Do not go into the police station.  Tell them you will call them back.  Then, the very next thing you do is call a Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney and retain her on a Pre-Charge Criminal Representation basis.  You will need to meet with Lynne Torgerson, Esq., go over everything in an Intake, and retain her.  At that time, the decision will be made whether or not to make a statement with the presence of Attorney Lynne Torgerson.  Never provide a statement without the presence of your lawyer.  Your statements could be misunderstood, or erroneously remembered.  And, always remember, the Miranda warning . . . You have a right to remain silent and your have the right to counsel before making any statement.  Ms. Torgerson has been a Minnesota lawyer of excellence over 30 years and can help you in this situation.  For representation, please call (612) 339-5073.

The most common type of case where there is an urgent need to immediately hire Ms. Torgerson on a Pre-Charge Representation basis is where some sort of  alleged criminal sexual conduct investigation is occurring.  It also happens in domestic assault cases, and hit and run or leaving the scene cases.   These are probably the three (3) most common types of cases giving rise to the need for Pre-Charge Representation.

Sometimes, in addition to other circumstances, if Pre-Charge Representation is handled properly, a client may never be formally charged with any crime.

Minneapolis, Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney Lynne Torgerson successfully avoids the formal charging of her client with assault following Pre-Charge Representation

Minneapolis Criminal Defense Attorney Lynne Torgerson successfully avoid the formal charging of her client with assault following Pre-Charge Representation, out of the City of Bloomington, County of Hennepin, State of Minnesota.  Ms. Torgerson’s client was married.  Unfortunately, Ms. Torgerson’s client’s spouse began having an affair.  An incident allegedly occurred at a local hotel.  An investigation was conducted by the local police department.  Ultimately, the prosecution made the decision to not charge Ms. Torgerson’s client with assault, nor any other crime.  Well done Ms. Torgerson.

Minnesota Criminal Defense Lawyer Lynne Torgerson can represent you on a Pre-Charge Criminal Charges Representation basis

If you get a call from a police officer before you have been charged, or, if you are concerned that criminal charges may be brought, please call Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney Lynne Torgerson for Pre-Charge Representation:  (612) 339-5073.