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Minnesota Gun Rights Restoration Lawyer

Minnesota Gun Rights Restoration Lawyer

Minnesota gun rights restoration lawyer, Lynne Torgerson, is personally invested in your Minnesota gun rights restoration case from the beginning to the end. Through every step of the way, she will communicate with you directly, explaining the process, and vigorously fight on your behalf. There is no other gun rights lawyer in Minnesota with more experience and personal wins in these types of cases.

Top Minnesota Gun Rights Restoration Lawyer

Gun rights laws in Minnesota are complicated, and the details within these laws can make the difference in restoring your gun rights in Minnesota. Not all gun rights restoration attorneys are the same. Many are just about the money, but the good ones are about fighting for your freedoms. Lynne Torgerson is truly passionate about second amendment rights including the right to gun ownership.

Specializing in Second Amendment & Gun Rights Cases

Lynne is committed to you and your right to possess firearms. You need a firearm attorney to advise you whether you can legally possess a gun under both federal and Minnesota law. Don’t take any unnecessary risks when something so important is at stake. Lynne specializes in gun rights cases, and she is the leading authority in Minnesota on 2A and gun rights.

Get Aggressive and Experienced Gun Rights Help

Lynne Torgerson has won hundreds of 2A & gun rights restoration cases in Minnesota. Lynne has 30 years of experience in criminal defense and specializes in gun rights restoration and second amendment cases. She is considered the leading gun rights lawyer in Minnesota.

Call Lynne now if you have one of the following issues, or other problems with gun rights, weapons charges, or other firearm related offenses in Minnesota.

  • Denied firearms purchase or a license to carry firearms.
  • Gun rights restoration.
  • Charged with a weapons related crime.

Minnesota Gun Rights Restoration Lawyer

Expert Minnesota Criminal Lawyer

Specializing in Second Amendment & Gun Rights Cases

Hire a Minnesota gun rights restoration lawyer that specializes in the second amendment and gun rights in Minnesota. Don’t settle for second-best. Hire Lynne Torgerson today!

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Need the best gun rights restoration lawyer in Minnesota? Don’t wait, call Lynne today! Serving Maple Grove, MN Minnetonka, MN, St Louis Park, MN, Edina, MN, St Paul, MN, Minneapolis and all the rest!