Pigs in the City

CASE LAW UPDATE:  Is it illegal to have pigs in the City of Minneapolis and will you be punished if caught?

The short answer is . . . Yes.

It was alleged that Relator was harboring pigs in the City of Minneapolis.  It was also alleged that Relator interfered with an Animal Control Worker; (they are really not very pleasant).  Officers went to Relator’s home.  Officers found a sow and piglet in Relator’s home, and saw animal feces and urine, suggesting that the pigs lived there.  Relator was found guilty by the Hearing Officer of both counts.  On appeal, the Minnesota Court of Appeals upheld Relator’s convictions on the grounds that substantial evidence supported the Hearing Officer’s determinations.  Affirmed.

In re Admin. Citation V19-002353, A19-1313 (City of Minneapolis).

Minneapolis Criminal Defense Attorney Lynne Torgerson was not attorney of record in this case.

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