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Monsanto Roundup

Your Monsanto Roundup case could be worth millions of dollars in compensation- or more. Find out whether you have a valid claim when you contact Your Case Worth through our contact form. We want every consumer to be informed about the products they use and have used in the past, including Monsanto’s Roundup Weed & Grass Killer with its toxic chemical ingredient, Glyphosate. If you or someone you love has suffered harm through exposure to Roundup, you could win a significant court settlement to compensate for damages.

Is There a Statute of Limitations on Roundup Lawsuits?

While most personal injury lawsuits have a six year limitation within which plaintiffs must file, the justice system has determined that due to Monsanto’s overwhelming criminal actions, the limitation should be removed to allow as many victims of Monsanto Roundup chemicals as possible to come forward and have their cases heard. For Monsanto, the removal of the statute of limitations to file claims against them is very bad news and means they’ll wind up payout out hundreds of billions of dollars before all is said and done. In fact, it’s estimated that Monsanto has close to $1 Trillion in its possession.

How Do I Get My Share of Monsanto’s Billions?

It’s easier than ever to file a Monsanto Roundup lawsuit; with so many people filing similar claims, lawyers are currently putting together class-action lawsuits that allow judges to rule quickly instead of having to decide on hundreds or thousands of cases. You can add your case to an upcoming class-action suit and share in a huge settlement that could value millions of dollars in your favor. At Your Case Worth, we’ll assist you from start to finish; the first step is to send us your case information.

Why is Monsanto Responsible?

A group of chemical analysists determined years back that the main ingredient in Roundup, called Glyphosate, was linked to cancer and Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma through repeated exposure- but when Monsanto’s CEOs heard the news, they did nothing. Monsanto’s failure to do the right thing and leave their product Roundup on the store shelves proved to the US justice system that they cared about one thing only- their bottom line. As tens of thousands of claims continue to make their way to court, judges are looking at Monsanto’s actions and ruling in favor of their product’s victims- and Monsanto is paying out with huge penalties.

Will There Be Criminal Charges?

Some experts believe Monsanto will face another day in court before a tribunal of their peers at which time they’ll face criminal charges rather than charges based on irresponsibility. In the meantime, Monsanto has sold their company and brand name to Bayer, who continues to sell Roundup in the US and abroad. Consumers need to be aware that no changes have been made to Roundup following the discovery that it causes cancer. Some consumers are beginning to file claims against Bayer, as well. You’ll learn more about Roundup and your chance to have your day in court when you contact Your Case Worth or explore our free online resources.

Monsanto Roundup