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Minnesota Gun Rights Restoration Lawyer Lynne Torgerson wins gun rights restoration in Hennepin County  

Minnesota Gun Rights Lawyer Lynne Torgerson won a gun rights restoration case in the the County of Hennepin, State of Minnesota, the Honorable Michelle Hatcher presiding.  Ms. Torgerson’s client, in 2005, was convicted of felony 1st degree assault.  The victim wanted the charges dropped.  He received a stay of imposition of sentence, whereby the conviction is now deemed a misdemeanor as a matter of law.  In connection with probation, he completed anger management and chemical dependency programs.  For the subsequent 15 years, he had no further criminal conviction(s).  Ms. Torgerson’s client now wishes to go hunting with his twin sons, and become a firefighter.  Finding good cause, the trial court granted the petition to restore Second Amendment rights to possess firearms.  Well done Ms. Torgerson.

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