Best Gun Rights Lawyer in Minnesota

Minnesota Second Amendment Attorney Lynne Torgerson obtained successful result in wrongful FBI NIC’s denial of purchase of firearm.  Ms. Torgerson’s client is a 43 year old man.  He is gainfully employed.  He does not use illegal drugs.  He has never had a mental health hospitalization nor commitment.  He has never been convicted of a felony, nor a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence.  However, in or about 18 years ago, he was CHARGED with a drug felony.  However, the charge was amended to a misdemeanor before plea and sentencing, whereby he was convicted of a misdemeanor drug offense.  THIS IS PUBLIC INFORMATION.  In 2020, Ms. Torgerson’s went to a retailer and attempted to purchase firearm.  NICs, administered by the FBI, DENIED his purchase on the grounds that he was a prohibited person.  Ms. Torgerson’s client undertook an online NICs appeal; NICs, FBI, again, wrongfully denied his on line appeal. An appeal in federal district court was subsequently initiated.  The NICs/FBI corrected its erroneous information.  Ms. Torgerson’s client can now purchase firearms.  Well done Ms. Torgerson.

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