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At Torgerson Criminal Defense in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Lynne Torgerson is an experienced assault attorney who can provide the knowledgeable and aggressive representation that clients seek during an assault case in hopes of clearing their name. Whether it is a weapons case or a robbery in Minneapolis or surrounding areas in Minnesota, Ms. Torgerson is here to help you every step of the way.

Most assault charges start from misunderstandings.  But they key is finding out whether or not the individual is guilty or not.  In order to prove aggravated assault, a prosecutor must prove beyond all the required elements beyond a reasonable doubt.

The following elements must be present in order for a defendant to be found guilty:

  • Accidental acts do not result in an act of assault; therefore, the defendant must put the victim in fear of his or her life.
  • Threats are not considered assault. The victim must experience fear in response to a threat that is imminent, or immediately about to occur.
  • A defendant’s conduct must present a physical threat to the victim.

Despite the above-mentioned elements, it is still difficult to determine whether the defendant had full intentions to commit and assault.  Hiring an experienced assault attorney like Lynne Torgerson can help better your case and also ease the stress of having to deal with the court.

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