Juvenile Delinquency Case

Minnesota Juvenile Delinquency Lawyer Lynne Torgerson obtains dismissal of 5th degree misdemeanor assault case in Ramsey County Juvenile Court

Defendant was a seventeen (17) year old female juvenile.  She was charged with 5th degree assault.  It was alleged she assaulted another female juvenile.  Ms. Torgerson’s client had long term career plans of going to school to become a nurse and becoming a nurse.  A conviction of a misdemeanor assault may have caused a seven (7) year disqualification.  The disqualification also applies to schooling.  Thus, any conviction resulting in a disqualification could have caused a significant seven (7) year delay in beginning college to become a nurse, and her career as a nurse.  Fortunately, Ms. Torgerson obtained a dismissal of the case from the Ramsey County Attorney’s Office.  Accordingly, Ms. Torgerson’s client did not plead guilty to anything crime, and she was not convicted/adjudicated of any crime, whereby her record remained clean.  She was also able to immediately begin schooling and pursing her career in nursing.  Well done Ms. Torgerson.

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