Felon in possession of firearm

CASE LAW UPDATE:  Whether defendant’s enhanced sentence for felon in possession of firearm was proper because of prior drug conviction?    

Defendant pleaded guilty to felon in possession of a firearm in federal court.  In sentencing defendant, the District Court accepted the PSR’s Presentence Recommendation for a base level enhancement for a prior Illinois conviction for manufacture or delivery of a controlled substance.  Defendant appealed his sentence.   On appeal, defendant argued that his Illinois conviction was not a controlled substance offense.  Where governing case law provided that defendant’s prior Illinois conviction was controlled substance crime, his argument on appeal was foreclosed by precedent.  Affirmed.

United States v. McConnell, 21-1086, per curiam.  Appealed from United States District Court, Southern District of Iowa.

Minneapolis Criminal Defense Lawyer Lynne Torgerson was not attorney of record in this case.

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