Felon in possession of firearm

CASE LAW UPDATE:  Whether the other persons present were not accomplices so no corroboration was needed?    

Defendant was convicted of second degree intentional felony murder and possession of a firearm by an ineligible person.  Defendant appealed.  On appeal, defendant argued that the accomplice testimony was insufficiently corroborated whereby his convictions should be vacated.  The Minnesota Court of Appeals held that, although all three purported accomplices were present during the confrontation with the victim, the evidence did not support defendant’s assertion that the four men went outside specifically to confront the victim, the circumstances did not indicate that they played a knowing role in the shooting, whereby the witnesses were not accomplices and their testimony did not need to be corroborated.  Affirmed.

State v. Yim, A21-0602, Olmsted County.

Minneapolis Criminal Defense Lawyer Lynne Torgerson was not attorney of record in this case.

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