CASE LAW UPDATE:  Whether the informant’s tip was not sufficiently corroborated?

Defendant was convicted of three controlled substance crimes.  An informant gave police a photo of defendant and told them defendant would arrive at a location within a general time frame in possession of cocaine.  Defendant arrived in the backseat of an Uber.  The police conducted a search of the Uber, found cocaine the in the backseat, and arrested defendant.  Subsequently, the police conducted a search pursuant to a search warrant of defendant’s home and found drugs there as well.  Defendant moved to suppress the evidence found in the Uber and at his home.  The trial court denied the motion.  The Minnesota Court of Appeals concluded that the informant was a stool pigeon the courts were reluctant to believe, and that the informant’s tip was not sufficiently corroborated to support the arrest.  Reversed.

State v. De Sala De La Rosa, A20-0360, Hennepin County.

Minnesota Drug Charges Lawyer Lynne Torgerson was not attorney of record in this case.

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