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Somali killer cop murder vacated 314

CASE LAW UPDATE:  First Somali police officer’s murder of Australian women reversed

This is the case involving the first Somali police officer of the Minneapolis Police Department.  Australian woman Justine Damond called 911 and summoned the police for help, because she heard noises that made her believe that a woman was being sexually assaulted.  Minneapolis Somali Police Office Mohamed Noor and his partner responded in a police squad car.  Mr. Damon, in pajamas, approached the squad car.  Somali police officer Mohamed Noor then took his gun and shot across his partner at Ms. Damond.  He shot her in her stomach.  Shortly, she died.

Somali police officer Mohamed Noor shot and killed Australian woman when she called 911 to help a neighbor she thought was being raped.  He was found not guilty of 2nd degree murder, but found guilty of 3rd degree depraved mine murder, and 2nd degree manslaughter.  He has served about 28 months in prison.  The Minnesota Supreme Court just reversed his 3rd degree depraved mind murder conviction, on the grounds that it requires  a generalized indifference to human life, not a focus on one person, and he was focused on one person.  He will thus be released from prison before serving only 2 1/2 years for murdering Justine Damond.

Killer cop Mohamed Noor should have been found guilty, at a minimum, of second degree murder and sentenced to prison for a much longer term; the evidence supports such a conviction.  This case is a travesty of justice and affront to the system of justice in the United States of America.

State v. Noor, A19-1089, Hennepin County.

The attorneys for Noor were Thomas C. Plunkett, Saint Paul, Minnesota; Matthew D. Forsgren, Caitlinrose H. Fisher, Forsgren Fisher McCalmont DeMarea Tysver LLP, Minneapolis, Minnesota; and Peter B. Wold, Aaron Morrison, Wold & Morrison, Minneapolis, Minnesota, for appellant.

Minneapolis Criminal Defense Lawyer Lynne Torgerson was NOT attorney of record in this case.

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