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021423 Victory gun rights restoration

Minneapolis 2nd Amendment Lawyer and Gun Rights Attorney St Paul

Minnesota Second Amendment Lawyer Lynne Torgerson wins gun rights restoration in Lake of the Woods County

Minnesota Gun Rights Restoration Lawyer Lynne Torgerson won restoration of gun rights in the County of Lake of the Woods, State of Minnesota.  Petitioner is now 39 years old.  In high school, he was on the Honor Roll, and graduated in 2001.  Petitioner is gainfully employed, full time.  He does not use illegal drugs.  Petitioner has never had any mental health hospitalizations or commitments.  His disqualifying cases all occurred when he was a juvenile child, now approximately 27 years ago.  Arguably, juvenile records are not supposed to haunt people forever into their adulthood.  Finding good cause, The Honorable Donna K. Dixon, granted Petitioner’s restoration of his Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms.  Well done Ms. Torgerson.

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