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020523 Expungement Victory St. Louis County

Best Minneapolis Expungement Lawyer

            Minnesota Expungement Attorney Lynne Torgerson won expungement of a misdemeanor disorderly conduct conviction, domestic related, out of St. Louis County – Duluth, State of Minnesota.  Ms. Torgerson’s client, Petitioner, is now 33 years old.  He is divorced.  He owns his own home.  He has 2 elementary school age children.  He pays $500 per month in child support.  He does not owe arrearages.  He has joint custody of his children.  He had good grades in high school.  His extracurricular activities included football, soccer, La Crosse, and volunteering at church.  In 2005, he graduated from high school.  He is also a college graduate.  He has obtained an M.B.A. as well.  He is also licensed for mortgages.  Presently, he is employed as a Mortgage Officer.  Petitioner does not have any significant physical health issues.  He has never had any mental health hospitalizations or commitments.  He does not use illegal drugs.  He has never been convicted of a felony.  Petitioner had one other disorderly conduct conviction, involving a friend.  Petitioner has not had a criminal conviction in 11 years.  Petitioner sought an expungement for purposes of employment.  Finding that Petitioner proved his case by a preponderance of the evidence and that sealing the records would not create a public safety risk, the Court granted expungement.  Well done Ms. Torgerson.    

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