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01222023 Expungement Triumph

Minneapolis Expungement Lawyer

            Minnesota Expungement Attorney Lynne Torgerson won expungement of a misdemeanor domestic assault conviction out of Sherburne County.  Ms. Torgerson’s client, Petitioner, is now 35 years old.  He is married.  He has 3 children.  He has obtained some higher education.  He is gainfully employed, with the same company 10 years.  Petitioner does not use illegal drugs.  Petitioner has never had any mental health hospitalizations or commitments.  Petitioner has not been convicted of any crime for 13 years.  The case in question is from when he was a teenager, age 19.  Petitioner now wants to get his Second Amendment rights restored, primarily to have the collateral consequence of a prohibition of possession of firearms removed.  Federal law provides that if a person obtains an expungement, then the federal authorities are to remove the disqualification.  The claim by the FBI that Minnesota expungement is not good enough is absurd, and needs to be struck down.  Petitioner engaged in hunting activities with family as a child.  He wants to pass that tradition, recognized by the Minnesota Constitution, on to his children.  Finding that Petitioner’s interest in expungement outweighed the State’s interest in keeping the records, the Sherburne County District Court, The Honorable Karen Schommer presiding, granted Petitioner’s expungement.  Well done Ms. Torgerson.

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