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01082023 Expungement Victory

Best Minneapolis Expungement Lawyer

            Minnesota Expungement Attorney Lynne Torgerson won expungement of a misdemeanor assault conviction out of Washington County.  Ms. Torgerson’s client  is now 60 years old.  He is married.  He owns his own home.  He grew up on a dairy farm.  As a child, he took Firearms Safety at his school.  He and his brother and friends would go hunting together on Sunday afternoons.  He is a high school graduate.  He is an Owner of his own successful trucking business.  He has a HazMat License.  He is also has a Tarmac Clearance at the Airport.  He does not use illegal drugs.  He had only one (1) conviction, a 23 year old assault conviction, that was domestic related.  He was now seeking an expungement for restoration of gun rights, a collateral consequence under federal law.  Federal law provides that if a person obtains an expungement, then the federal authorities are supposed to remove the possession of firearms prohibition.  Please note, the FBI’s interpretation that Minnesota expungement is not “good enough,” needs to be challenged and struck down.  It is absurd, and wrong!  And, don’t listen to other lawyers who say expungement doesn’t work.  It should work, and said lawyers should be challenging the FBI, NOT be complicit in its anti Second Amendment nonsense!  The Court granted Ms. Torgerson’s client’s request for expungement.  Well done Ms. Torgerson!

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