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01152023 Gun Rights Restoration Victory

Minnesota Second Amendment Lawyer Lynne Torgerson wins gun rights restoration in Dakota County

Minnesota Gun Rights Restoration Lawyer Lynne Torgerson won restoration of gun rights in the County of Dakota, State of Minnesota.  Petitioner is now 41 years old.  Petitioner resides on a farm in Hastings, Minnesota, where he has lived for 24 years.  Petitioner is gainfully employed, with the same employer, over 8 years.  He earns a good wage, and has an established long term career path.  Petitioner does not use illegal drugs.  He has never had any mental health commitments or hospitalizations.  His most recent disqualifying case, a drug possession case, is 16 years old.  Petitioner would now like to go hunting, and enjoy shooting sports.  Finding good cause, the Dakota District Court granted restoration.  Well done Ms. Torgerson.

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