Minneapolis Criminal Defense Lawyer Lynne Torgerson

Criminal Defense Lawyer, Lynne Torgerson, Esq., an attorney of excellence and experience of over 29 years, can represent you or your loved one on all criminal charges, all felonies, gross misdemeanors, and misdemeanors, throughout the State of Minnesota including the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul as well as Edina, St. Louis Park, and Minnetonka.  Ms. Torgerson has been practicing for more than twenty nine (29) years.  Ms. Torgerson, Esq. graduated from the University of Minnesota with a double major, with degrees in Political Science and Psychology.  Ms. Torgerson, Esq. also graduated from William Mitchell College of Law,  obtaining a Juris Doctor degree, and graduating with Honors.  While at William Mitchell College of Law, Ms. Torgerson, Esq. was a member of Law Review, and, a participant in the Honorable Rosalie Wahl Moot Court Competition.  During this time frame Ms. Torgerson, Esq. was also a Judicial Intern with the Honorable Henry W. McCarr, Hennepin County District Court.  She was also the recipient of the Honorable Charles Amdahl Scholarship.  After graduating from law school, Ms. Torgerson, Esq. obtained a coveted position as a Law Clerk for the Honorable Ralph J. Geffen, United States Magistrate Judge, United States District Court, Central District of California, in downtown Los Angeles, California.

Ms. Torgerson is the founder and owner of TORGERSON CRIMINAL DEFENSE, where she practices in the area of criminal defense. That is pretty much what she has been doing almost all day every day for over 29 years.  That means experience.  So, she certainly has the experience you would want, and knows her way around a courtroom.

While in law school, Ms. Torgerson wanted to go into the area of criminal defense, primarily for two (2) reasons. First, she has always loved the Constitution and the Bills of Rights. The Bill of Rights protects various rights of yours, such as your rights against unreasonable searches and seizures, your right to remain silent, your right to a fair trial, your right to a speedy trial, your right to counsel, your right to confront your accusers in open court, your right to subpoena witnesses in on your behalf, your right to a public trial, your rights to freedom of speech and religion, your rights against cruel and unusual punishment, to name a few. Second, she has a heart of mercy for her clients.  So, she has a desire to help you.

To endure a legal crisis is not easy.  Lynne Torgerson can help.  An arrest often leads to mortifying and distressing situations.  In such trying times, a tough and reputed Minnesota criminal lawyer like Lynne Torgerson can help you explore the best possible options. Finding the right Minneapolis or St. Paul criminal defense lawyer can take the pressure off your shoulders to a great extent. Ms. Torgerson’s clients have told her that.

What qualifications are important when hiring a criminal defense lawyer?

First, they should be licensed in the State of Minnesota. Secondly, they should have a list of published successes on their website. Third, have they won cases at the Minnesota Court of Appeals and United States Supreme Court? Are they licensed in the United States Supreme Court? If not, they may not be able to handle your case properly. This should be a requirement. Fourth, do they have significant experience, meaning, have they been practicing at least 20 to 30 years? Long term experience can make a huge difference in the outcome of your case.

What should I expect from my defense lawyer?

The first thing a criminal defense attorney does is meet with the client. This is called an Intake. This should take from 1 to 3 hours. If a lawyer is only spending about 20 minutes with you, they probably will not be able to adequately represent you, because they have not taken the time to gather enough information from you. After that, you will have several court dates, from 1 to 10, depending upon the seriousness of your case. Your case may take anywhere from 1 month to 1 year or more, to resolve. After the Intake, your lawyer will be bringing motions, obtaining evidence, reviewing evidence, reading police reports, medical records, video and audio evidence. Eventually, settlement negotiations will begin to occur. Whether to accept a plea offer is the client’s decision. Later, if the parties have not been able to agree on a resolution, a jury trial will be scheduled. This is when all the witnesses show up to testify, and a jury decides its verdict.

What kind of cases does a Second Amendment lawyer handle?

A Second Amendment attorney handles all sorts of cases involving firearms. For example, in many instances today, there are people who want to get their gun rights, their Second Amendment rights restored. They want to be able to go hunting, to teach their sons and daughters gun safety, to go to the shooting range with friends, to be able to defend themselves, family and property should the need ever arise. A Second Amendment lawyer also will handle cases where your permit to purchase is denied, your application for a carry permit is denied, and where your purchase of a firearm was denied.

What are the potential outcomes in my case?

That depends on the seriousness of the charge, and the strength of the evidence, and, on your lawyer’s experience, the prosecutor, and the judge. Most cases are settled. The elements that need to be addressed are:

  • Is the client going to be convicted of anything, and if so what?
  • Will the client be required to do any jail time, and if so, how much, or how? For example, via community service, sentence to service, workhouse, prison?
  • Will the client be required to pay any fine?
  • What will the length and terms of probation be, if any?
  • Is restitution required?
  • Will the client be required to complete alcohol or drug treatment, domestic abuse programming, to register as a predatory offender, to complete random testing, or submit a DNA test?

Lynne Torgerson, Criminal Defense Lawyer

  • Won a case at the United States Supreme Court
  • Awarded Attorney of the Year
  • Awarded Attorney for the New Millennium

Ms. Torgerson, Esq. founded her own successful law firm in 1995, based out of downtown Minneapolis.   She practices however throughout the entire State of Minnesota.  Notably, in 2009, Ms. Torgerson, Esq. won a case at the United States Supreme Court, based on a denial of certiorari.  Said win is a feat accomplished by a very few select lawyers.  In 2010, Ms. Torgerson, Esq. was awarded an Attorney of the Year, by the Minnesota Lawyer legal newspaper.  Ms. Torgerson has also been awarded Attorney for the New Millennium.

Lynne Torgerson has been handling all types of criminal cases for over 29 years. Lynne Torgerson is a lawyer of excellence.  Lynne Torgerson is experienced, diligent and tough.  She is hardworking, dependable and trustworthy.  This can get you excellent results.  One of her mottos is “When hard work meets opportunity, luck happens.”  Ms. Torgerson has over 29 years of experience in handling criminal cases throughout the State of Minnesota.  She has dedicated her career to representing clients who have been arrested and accused of a crime, who need their criminal records expunged, and, who want to protect their Second Amendment rights, who have been denied a permit to carry, who need their gun rights restored, and/or who have been denied their right to purchase a firearm.

Minnesota Criminal Lawyer Lynne Torgerson

Lynne Torgerson enjoys providing her clients with the best representation.  She is regarded with high esteem among her peers and is reputed for her history of successes.

Lynne Torgerson works to achieve the goals of her clients, and, to protect their record and their future.

Retaining a reputed, experienced and dedicated Minnesota criminal lawyer can make a major difference to the outcome of your case.  It is good to understand that the outcome of your case can affect very significant aspects of your personal and professional life such as whether or not you are convicted, whether you go to prison or jail, future employment opportunities, and renting an apartment.  It is critical to retain a Minnesota criminal defense lawyer who has the potential to protect your criminal record, your reputation, and your future.

Lynne Torgerson is dedicated to representing and protecting the legal interests of her clients in State and Federal court throughout the state of Minnesota.  Hiring a qualified and experienced lawyer such as Lynne Torgerson as early as possible can help her to prepare well for your representation. If you or your loved one have been arrested or charged, or contacted by the police, call Lynne Torgerson at (612) 339-5073 asap!


In regard to the corona virus related issues, this office is fully open and fully operational. I have been recognized as an Essential Worker in the Governor’s Executive Order. My work and cases are not affected, other than the courts appear to be slowing down.  Additionally, I also plan to do more Intakes via telephone conference, rather than in my office downtown Minneapolis.

Because my work involves protecting very important liberties and Constitutional Rights, and because I am a Criminal Defense Lawyer in criminal cases, and because citizens have a right to representation in criminal cases, which is guaranteed by the 6th Amendment to the United States Constitution, and, because a lot of work is done remotely, everything can easily proceed normally.

(612) 339-5073 or (651) 222-2284

 Minneapolis criminal defense lawyer, Lynne Torgerson, Esq., represents clients throughout the entire State of Minnesota..

Contact Lynne Torgerson today at (612) 339-5073 for a free initial consultation. As a qualified Criminal Defense Lawyer serving Minneapolis, St. Paul, Edina, St. Louis Park, Minnetonka, and all of Minnesota, we can help you.

Areas of Law

Ms. Torgerson can represent you and your loved one, on the following charges:

aggravated assault
aggravated robbery
carry and conceal
check forgery
child pornography
controlled substance crimes
credit card fraud
criminal sexual conduct
criminal vehicular operation
disorderly conduct
domestic abuse
domestic assault
domestic abuse no contact orders
drug charges
criminal sexual conduct
detox release
driving after suspension / revocation / cancellation
drivers license issues
electronic communications with a minor child
failure to register
false imprisonment
fleeing the police
freedom of speech
freedom of religion

gun charges
gun rights restoration
habeas corpus
harassment restraining order violations
identity theft
indecent exposure
juvenile crimes
obstructing legal process
orders for protection
parole violations
postconviction relief petitions
probation violations
restraining orders
Second Amendment
sexual assault
sex crimes
solicitation of prostitution
terroristic threats
theft by swindle
threats of violence
violation of orders for protection
weapons offenses
white collar crimes
and all other misdemeanors
gross misdemeanors and felonies